Story Book Mode

Interactive Story

By going through the main story  you can experience real life scenarios and help the characters through their struggles. Each story teaches children about a new aspect of autism. Once they complete the stories children will have a better sense of empathy and can be a better ally for their peers in times of need. For autistic children this game will serve as a teaching tool, showing them how to handle different aspects of everyday life and stressful scenarios.

Friendship Mode

Converse With Characters

Friendship mode is a special mode where players can talk one on one with each of the characters. By bonding with the characters players can unlock each of their unique special mini-games as well as cutscenes and memories of the character. If players make friends with all of the characters they unlock a special photo and song with the credits. Each time you unlock a new memory or fact about your friend it will enter a special bubble that the player can check at any time. 

Mini Games

Playing games to learn and unwind! From matching games to sensory stimulation. Each mini game will focus on different themes. All the games will start off locked and gradually unlock as you progress in the story. As well as secret games only unlocked through Friendship Mode. Each story will have 1 or 2 games and each character will have their own unique game as well. Smaller mini games can also be found by interacting with the pages in the story. 

Art Book Mode

A book that allows kids to view collected photos and cut scenes/ This mode also gives kids a guide on how to create their own paper puppets of the characters in game and their own characters. There may even be a drawing game for children with a story maker with the characters. 

Parental View & Play

On the home screen of the game will be a button to enter the parent view. The mode can be enabled or disabled. If enabled from inside the game a parent can enter a pass code to enter the settings at any time. However if disabled, parents will have to go through an admin interface. This is the most secure way of ensuring a child can not accidentally stumble across the settings. The preferences for the Parent View will be asked upon the first launch of the game and can be changed anytime using the admin interface. In the Parent View menu will also be links to a web access. These links will lead the parent to additional information from each story and character. These resources will unlock as their child progresses through the story and if Parent Play is active a notification will appear at the end of each story informing the player they unlocked a new resource. These resources will link to this website and the designated pages for each resource. Parent Play can be entered in the Parent View menu. 

Parent View & Play Settings