Meet The Class!

Our cast of characters is meant to be a diverse group. With kids from different races, genders and cultures. They also explore their own part of the autism spectrum. Even if they may have some shared accommodations, their experiences are all unique.

This is not all of the characters. We still have two more that are being planned. I hope you all look forward to meeting them some day soon!


Bright, bubbly, rough, tough and fired up at all times. She can't- No, she won't miss out on anything. Unless its in the morning. The number one thing in her world? Cats!

Basic Information

Full Name: Stacy Baker

Name Meaning: Fruitful Baker

Birthday: February 5th

Age: 7


Positive Traits: Imaginative, Easy-Going, Decisive

Negative Traits: Rebellious, Frank, Stubborn

Strength: Social Butterfly

Greatest Personal Struggle: Easily Distracted


Visual Aids in Class

Audio Books

Text To Speech

Kinetic Learning Materials

Breaking Larger Projects into Chunks


A non-verbal boy, he loves art and gives every new friend a handmade drawing. He really loves that he gets to be pen-pals with his older sibling. Even if he can't write her back yet. 

Basic Information

Full Name: Kai Haku

Name Meaning: Poetic Ocean

Birthday: February 20th

Age: 4


Positive Traits: Calm, Generous, Empathetic

Negative Traits: Gullible, Sheepish, Nervous

Strength: Observant

Greatest Personal Struggle: Sensitive To Others Moods


Communication Cards (PEC)

Visual Cues

Fidget Toys

Quiet Space For Breaks


Quiet and shy but as smart as they come. He loves reading books by his mothers side. He dreams of writing a story about exploring outer space.  

Basic Information

Full Name: Graham Wilder

Name Meaning: Grey Homestead Astray

Birthday: March 12th

Age: 10


Positive Traits: Independent, Helpful, Considerate

Negative Traits: Sensitive, Timid, Anxious

Strength: Intelligent and Highly Motivated

Greatest Personal Struggle: Group Assignments


Slanted Work Desk

Private Room for Testing

Repeated Directions

Seating Near Teacher

Graphic Organizers for Tasks


An elegant and excitable young girl who dreams of becoming the perfect princess. She always keeps a bag full of things she may need for every scenario. From noise cancelling headphones to her favorite squishy toys. 

Basic Information

Full Name: Kayla Aziz

Name Meaning: The Dearest Crown of Laurels

Birthday: April 5th

Age: 6


Positive Traits: Charming, Confident, Earnest

Negative Traits: Snobbish, Picky, Naive

Strength: Charismatic Nature

Greatest Personal Struggle: Easily Overwhelmed


Sensory and Stimming Toys

Postural Support Seat Cushion

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Positive Reinforcement

Graphic Organizers for Tasks