Recognize: Autism

What is Recognize?

A modern day edutainment style game with the goal of teaching children and their parents about different disabilities. This series of games plans to explore multiple disabilities with it's first release focused on Autism.


The best time to start building empathy and understanding for others is in the younger years. More exposure to differences in people allows children to learn to be more accepting and open minded. This kind of early childhood exposure can allow for more inclusive learning environments. This also makes it easier for all children to build social skills. By creating a fun and engaging environment for kids to play and learn Recognize aims to really change the world of childhood autism. 

There can be a lot of harmful misinformation about autism. There are also a lot of organizations that claim to help and advocate for autism but then only provide a negative influence. It can be easy for parents to come across these resources and end up going down a really harmful path not only for their children but for themselves. Recognize aims to ensure that parents have easy access to good sources. It also acts as a good place to start researching.  



We want to teach children to understand and empathize with their autistic peers.


Learn about the language around disabilities, non verbal communication and easy reading resources. 


 A diverse cast of characters encourages children to have diverse friend groups


We aim to teach about all the important aspects of Sensory Processing.


We promote open and clear communication. Teaching kids to talk about their needs.


Ensuring everyone is aware of what resources are helpful and what is harmful. As well as practices that can be done at home. 


Teach kids on how to be positive tutors and advocates for their autistic peers.


Teach kids and parents the basics of autism. From the spectrum to the different accommodations people need.

About Us

Artist and Designer

Xchashi Hare


Joe Gates


Voice Actor

Cynder Rosalia

Artist : (Sechipuu)


Voice Actor

Salva Raven

Artist : (Xchashi)


Christy Fortin